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Whether your company has been recycling materials for years or is just starting out in the implementation of a recycling program, our team will work with you to develop a customized program. You choose your bins, containers and compactors from a wide range of products and we ensure their collection as often as you like. Partners for projects and eco-friendly events, Enviro Connexions may also cooperate with you regarding your green initiatives.


Our Products


Front Load
  • 2 cubic yard
    29 X 6 X 3 (feets)
  • 4 cubic yard
    45 X 6 X 4 (feets)
  • 6 cubic yard
    54 X 6 X 58 (feets)
  • 8 cubic yard
    6 X 6 X 66 (feets)
  • 8 cubic yard Plat Carton
    76 X 70 X 70 (inches)
Rear Load
  • 6 cubic yard
    48 X 121 X 60 (inches)

Enviro Connexions offers a variety of compactors to suit the needs of our clients. We will help you identify the appropriate compaction system for your type of use in addition to ensuring the most suitable collection, depending on your usage and needs. Contact us today to meet one of our Enviro Connexions experts.

Types of compactors available

  • Compactor with hydraulic lifter for roll-out container
  • Self-contained compactor with overhang cover
  • Stationary compaction
  • Stationary compaction with metallic cover
  • Self-contained compactor with double ramp cover
  • Self-contained compactor with waste chute
  • Self-contained compactor with closed cover
  • Stationary compactor with rear cover for front load compaction container
  • Self-contained compactor with ground level cover and incorporated back lifter
  • Self-contained compactor with back ramp cover and waste chute
  • Stationary compactor «VIP» with front load container
  • Stationary compactor with double ramp cover

Other Products

Enviro Connexions offers customers the largest variety of products and invites you to discover complementary products to front loads, rear loads and compactors:

  • Manual lifter

    450 litres

    28 X 57 X 38 (inches)
  • Lifter

    2 cubic yards

    78 X 84 X 40 (inches)
  • Cloth finishing press

    2 cubic yards

    78 X 84 X 40 (inches)

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