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For an eco-friendly management

Vision Enviro Progressive Montréal helps create a sustainable environment that will benefit future generations and makes environmental protection a top priority.

In this spirit, Vision Enviro Progressive will assist you in your efforts by offering a full range of products for recycling and waste management to meet your needs, with respect of the environment.

It is in tangible recycling actions that all together, citizens and entrepreneurs, we will allow reuse of natural resources through waste reduction or reuse, therefore protecting our planet!

It is in this spirit that accompanies you Vision Enviro Progressive Montréal in your efforts by offering a full range of management recyclables and waste to meet your needs and respectful of environment.

Latest News

BFI Canada branding changes effective April 2015!

  • BFI Canada will now operate under the trade name Vision Enviro Progressive within the province of Québec only.
  • BFI Canada Inc. (“BFI”) will change its name to Progressive Waste Solutions Canada Inc.
  • Our landfill in Lachenaie, Québec will change its name from BFI Usine de Triage Lachenaie ltée to Complexe Enviro Progressive ltée.

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Our products


Whether your company has been recycling materials for years or is just starting out in the implementation of a recycling program, our team will work with you to develop a customized program. You choose your bins, containers and compactors from a wide range of products and we ensure their collection as often as you like.

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Recyclable Materials

Become an ambassador of sustainable development. You want your company to be more environmentally responsible? You want to implement a recycling program at work? Improve the one already in place? The Vision Enviro Progressive team will advise you in developing a customized program for your business. From needs assessment to implementation, we will guide you in the achievement of the ecological success of your project!

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Construction Waste

Good waste management is the responsibility of all stakeholders working on construction sites. However, waste disposal should be considered in the works.

Vision Enviro Progressive offers a variety of containers to meet your specific needs in order to help you manage your waste efficiently.

We are able to provide you with essential tools to help you find lasting solutions to waste and construction debris problems.

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New Products

All our products are designed to minimize waste and facilitate recycling.

Thus, Vision Enviro Progressive provides its customers with a range of products using new innovative technologies developed in the field of recycling, in order to help protect the environment. Whatever your need, we have the container for you... From the smallest to the largest!

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